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Ukrainian hot and wild escort Ira

Istanbul Escort Girl

Ira is as rare as her name. With a sharp sense of fashion and a particular interest in animal prints, Ira is no less an animal in bed than you. Her auburn locks, her cheese complexion and soft skin steal the show, even when in the most ordinary clothes. However, her physique is what does the magic. She loves all the male adulation and that comes effortlessly to her. She has naturally wavy locks that when they catch the wind, they curtain her face making her look extremely sensual. Ira has sharp facial features and a square jaw with prominent cheekbones.

Her lips are the greatest highlights of her face. Her lips are naturally puffy and peach, a combination that arouses senses just by the sight. Her natural pout is a constant, timeless attraction to men who are her clients as well as just admirers. Ira is outright sensual in bed. She doesn’t hesitate from doing what you likes or urge you to do something that she might. She is not the type to bend over so easily that you simply lose interest the moment you are done. She loves to display her energy and she won’t let things be done to her until she does them to you first.

She likes to take the lead first and only after she has aroused you high enough to make you feel like taking her by a storm that she feels satisfied. Ira is a born lover and her skills are simply matchless.

1hour 300$ 2 hour 400$ 3 hour 550$ all night 1200$

Phone + SMS +90 507 535 24 44 – Whatsapp +90 507 535 24 44 Viber +90 507 535 24 44

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  • Posted: April 4, 2016 23:18


    i was surprised yesterday when I opened my door. The beauty of ira captivated me at the first sight
  • Posted: April 7, 2016 23:06


    i liked everything ira did for me. She knows how to take care of the clients. She will not make you feel lonely when you are with her.
  • Posted: May 19, 2016 16:17


    I called ira day before yesterday. She quickly gave me her appointment. I was happy that she responded to my request.